Pre-shredders PMG E Series

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Pre-shredders PMG E Series
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features: <ul> <li>Italian made</li> <li>Operators control station with programmable PLC</li> <li>Turbo connection to optimize performances</li> <li>Long lasting blade support, easy to replace</li> <li>Conform to CE rules</li> </ul>
specifications: <strong>PMG E 400</strong> <ul> <li>Dimensions: 1920mm x 1560mm x 1980mm</li> <li>Weight: 1420kg</li> <li>Installed power: 12kW</li> </ul> <strong>PMG E 600</strong> <ul> <li>Dimensions: 2260mm x 1750mm x 2210mm</li> <li>Weight: 1840kg</li> <li>Installed power: 19kW</li> </ul> <strong>PMG E 900</strong> <ul> <li>Dimensions: 2260mm x 2175mm x 2210mm</li> <li>Weight: 2100kg</li> <li>Installed power: 31kW</li> </ul> <strong>PMG E 1200</strong> <ul> <li>Dimensions: 3560mm x 2300mm x 1980mm</li> <li>Weight: 4680kg</li> <li>Installed power: 60kW</li> </ul>  
model: PMG E
Model: PMG E

Guidetti's new series of Pre-shredders, characterized by "HUGE CUTTING EFFIENCY", thanks to the various combinations of power, screen size, magnetic separation, etc, can process different types of materials, paper etc. The production capacity ranges from 300 to 3000 kg/h.
Also Guidetti introduces its new conveyor belt equipped with magnetic pulley or magnetic over band, the ideal solution to remove iron parts and to avoid damages during further grinding processes. It is available in different sizes, either standard or custom made, according to the customers needs.

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  • Italian made
  • Operators control station with programmable PLC
  • Turbo connection to optimize performances
  • Long lasting blade support, easy to replace
  • Conform to CE rules

PMG E 400

  • Dimensions: 1920mm x 1560mm x 1980mm
  • Weight: 1420kg
  • Installed power: 12kW

PMG E 600

  • Dimensions: 2260mm x 1750mm x 2210mm
  • Weight: 1840kg
  • Installed power: 19kW

PMG E 900

  • Dimensions: 2260mm x 2175mm x 2210mm
  • Weight: 2100kg
  • Installed power: 31kW

PMG E 1200

  • Dimensions: 3560mm x 2300mm x 1980mm
  • Weight: 4680kg
  • Installed power: 60kW