Scrap Cable Strippers – STAR CS-55S

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Scrap Cable Strippers – STAR CS-55S
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features: <ul> <li>Preset guides for 13 cable sizes</li> <li>Double cutter knives for larger cable</li> <li>Grooved cutter rollers for smaller cable</li> <li>Heavy duty gearbox and motor</li> <li>Forward and reverse operation</li> <li>Two cutting speeds</li> </ul>
specifications: <ul> <li>Cutting Capacity: 1.5-55 mm</li> <li>Cutting Speeds: 2</li> <li>Cutting Production: 35m/min</li> <li>Motor: 3.74kW 415 Volt or 240 volt</li> </ul>

The STAR CS-55S Scrap Cable Stripper is a wheel mounted heavy duty, multi-purpose cable stripper, driven by a single or three phase motor with two cutting speeds. Suitable for various typs of cable: lead, VIR, PVC, Wire Armoured, Paper and Pyro.

  • Preset guides for 13 cable sizes
  • Double cutter knives for larger cable
  • Grooved cutter rollers for smaller cable
  • Heavy duty gearbox and motor
  • Forward and reverse operation
  • Two cutting speeds
  • Cutting Capacity: 1.5-55 mm
  • Cutting Speeds: 2
  • Cutting Production: 35m/min
  • Motor: 3.74kW 415 Volt or 240 volt