Scrap Cable Strippers – STAR CS-75S

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Scrap Cable Strippers – STAR CS-75S
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features: <ul> <li>Preset guides for 14 cable sizes</li> <li>Double cutter knives for larger cable</li> <li>Grooved cutter rollers for smaller cable</li> <li>Heavy duty gearbox and motor</li> <li>Forward and reverse operation</li> <li>Two cutting speeds</li> </ul>
specifications: <ul> <li>Cutting Capacity: 1.5 - 75mm</li> <li>Cutting Speeds: 2</li> <li>Cutting Production: 45m/min</li> <li>Motor: 3.74 kW 415 Volt</li> <li>3 Phase</li> </ul>

The STAR CS-75S Scrap Cable Stripper is designed for medium to heavy duty cables. The CS-75S is built for simple knife adjustment and is wheel mounted for easy maneuvering. The stripper includes grooved cutter rollers for smaller cables, and double cutter knives for the larger sized cables. This machine equipped with 14 preset cable sizes, forward/ reverse functions with 2 different cutting speeds.

  • Preset guides for 14 cable sizes
  • Double cutter knives for larger cable
  • Grooved cutter rollers for smaller cable
  • Heavy duty gearbox and motor
  • Forward and reverse operation
  • Two cutting speeds
  • Cutting Capacity: 1.5 – 75mm
  • Cutting Speeds: 2
  • Cutting Production: 45m/min
  • Motor: 3.74 kW 415 Volt
  • 3 Phase