Oil Suction Mobile

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Oil Suction Mobile
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specifications: <ul> <li>Weight: 27.5kg</li> <li>Dimensions: 980mm x 740mm x 515mm</li> <li>120 litre capacity</li> <li>Low pressure air discharge</li> <li>Pneumatic emptying through the discharge hose</li> </ul>

The Oil Suction Mobile quickly, effectively drains removes oil from End of Life Vehicles. Empties the full system of a vehicle in seconds.

Designed to comply with legislation at a low cost.

With a large 120 litre capacity, the equipment is standalone, mobile and easy to manoeuvre. Once charged the equipment can be used independently of airline allowing free movement around the workshop.

Please contact Metquip for further information.

  • Weight: 27.5kg
  • Dimensions: 980mm x 740mm x 515mm
  • 120 litre capacity
  • Low pressure air discharge
  • Pneumatic emptying through the discharge hose